svf-newsletter-6It has been nine years since we started the journey for the first time in 2006, using the concept of The New Spirit of Heritage as the guideline in building up the reputation as one of the best festival in Bali, this year continuing the spirit,the use Morning of The World as the sub themed of the event is reflecting Sanur as a destination with its nature symbol of the new days began and celebrated by the dynamics creativity of Sanur community.

For the next five whole days, starting from 20th-24th August 2014, Sanur will present the 9th Sanur Village Festival taking place at the Maisonette area of Segara Ayu Beach. We will have the largest highlights of Bazar & Food Festival, Fashion Show, Sanur Kreatif Expo, Agrowisata Indonesia Expo, Sanur Village Cycling tour, Culinary Challenge, Yoga performance, Sanur Golf Tournament, Environmental care program as well as the fishing tournament. The international kite festival, jukung festival and the first Sanur Run would definitely sensate the spectators with their breathtaking race.

Through this festival, we would also like to distribute the message that the branding Morning of The World will be a reminder of Sanur being a major brand of tourism in Bali.

Last but not the least, we cordially invite everyone to come and enjoy the five days full of fun activities of 9th Sanur Village Festival 2014 and also thank everyone whose hard work and involvement as well as assistance and participation had ensured the successfulness of our Sanur Village Festival.

The morning of Bali is morning to the world, and the morning of Bali is morning of Sanur


I.B Gede Sidharta Putra, MBA

Chairman of Sanur Village Festival