Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is a community event founded by Sanur Development Foundation (YPS) which is a combination of several large-scale activities involving food festival, creative economy exhibition, various contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, music as well as various types of environmentally-friendly activities.


  • Re-brand Sanur as one of the oldest tourist destination in Bali
  • Become the creative media in re-positioning the destination after the first and second Bali Bombing
  • Improve the economy in Sanur based on tourism creative economy
  • Providing space for young generation to explore their creativity in culture, art, music and others
  • Provide an alternative attraction during holidays in Bali.
  • Reposition Sanur on the world tourism calendar of events.

SVF Logo represents various elements that make Sanur area unique, including:

  • Traditional boat Jukung that does not exist in other places, where the Sanur Village Festival is expected to be a media to maintain and develop cultural and tourism-based economy.
  • The screen represents the most popular water sport in Sanur, wind surfing, and hopes that Sanur Village Festival can help determine the direction of tourism development.

A fun and cultural event
The words ‘a fun and cultural event’ is one of the logo’s component that describes the event is fun and culture based

As well as the existence of a typical festival, which aims to create a festive atmosphere with a variety of activities-rah rah party, but remains entrenched in the culture of Bali Sanur and in particular.

Tagline : “The New Spirit of Heritage
The tagline ‘The New Spirit of Heritage’ is expected to be the soul of this event.

Sanur’s cultural and historical heritage is unique and as old as Bali civilization, even Indonesian. For that, we should honor and keep that which is inherited from our fathers.

On the other hand, the young generation is challenged to give a new vigor in terms of creativity and modern development, to maintain the existing inheritance.

Theme for 2016

“Tat Twam Asi”
Ten years since it was first launched, Sanur Village Festival is a success as an independent tourism promotion effort that preserves and improves Sanur community ecology, economy, social cultural and creativity.

This success is generated by the support and close cooperation between three parties that have worked closely together during the decade of festival, Sanur’s community, government, and the private sector.

Eleven year of celebrations, the theme Tat Twam Asi reflects how the festival has always been an icon people look forward to every year. The 11th anniversary will be bigger and more festive with new and old programs loved by all the visitors.

Aside from the celebrations, Sanur Village Festival should be a momentum to strengthen efforts in environment preservation, since many tourism activities tend to neglect ideals and philosophy practices by the Sanur community.

The first festival held back in 2006, which was a respond to the slowing of tourism post second Bali bombing (2005), still struggling from the first incident back in 2002. The following year, SVF II (2007) was launched with the theme “The New Spirit of Heritage” to give new spirit to the cultural ancestral heritage that preserved the coastal areas, environment and art creativity, and sustainable economy.

Afterwards the festival set themes in line with real development issues during the 9 years. Dasa Warsa is hoped to be Sanur starting point for expanding opportunities and facing future challenges. This destination competitiveness with its resources will encounter ASEAN economic society that demands consequence and high competency levels.

Sanur Village Festival among them will have cleaning the beach, reforestation, baby turtle release, surfing competition, fun run, jukung competition, food festival, fruit and ice carving, cultural parade, international kite festival, fishing tournament, body painting, photo competition, golf tournament, and musical performances. SME Bazaar and other creative products will be displayed during the Sanur Kreatif Expo.

The Venue

  • 2006 – 2008 : Cottage Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur
  • 2009 : Pantai Mertasari
  • 2010 : Cottage Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur
  • 2011 : Pantai MataharI Terbit
  • 2012 – 2016 : Maisonnette Area Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur

Main Programs

  • Environment Activities
    • Beach clean up
    • Coral plantation
    • Tukik release
    • Extinction plantation
  • Festival Exhibition
    • Sanur Kreatif Expo
    • Cultural, Music and Art performances
    • Horticuloture
  • Culinary
    • Food Festival
    • Food Heritage
  • Painting
    • Painting on the spot
    • Body Painting
  • Photography
    • Photo Exhibition
    • Photo Competition
  • Fun & Sport activities
    • International Sanur Kite Festival
    • Fun Games
    • Fun Run
    • Sanur Golf Tournament
    • Jukung Race
    • Fishing Tournament
    • Kids Zone
    • Village Cycling Tour